New Contemporary Furniture: The Bent Steel Collection

Our experience these past several months has been... well, different... but we’ve also done our best to utilize one of our dearest resources: time.

While I would love for life to return to normal and for Steel + Plank to open its doors with normal hours and host gatherings again (and for my daughter to attend college and online learning to be over...), I am trying my hardest to be grateful for this time to slow down and be. 

That's still difficult to do, I know. Slowing down because we want to is different from slowing down because we have to, but the reality is the same — the odd gift of time is there, and we can choose to make the most of it.

For me, that has meant more time to be creative. Last month, we shared with you one of the silver linings of this unexpected time: a new, updated website. Today, we'd like to share another creation we've brought to fruition:

Our new line of minimal, contemporary furniture, The Bent Steel Collection.


Where did the inspiration for The Bent Steel Collection come from?

I honestly can’t say that I had a moment of inspiration, but I felt more of a necessity to keep things simple.

The first bent steel furniture piece we created was a set of benches. We used steel benches to complement the beauty of the walnut waterfall table. The subtle details of the table and natural beauty of the wood became the star with the benches as the supporting role.

I guess you could say that the benches were the inspiration for the collection, because that sparked the creative wheels for the console tables, the side table, and we have even created a set of desks and a display table with that design for an art gallery in Atlanta.

We always aim for one-of-a-kind beauty: the steel is a mill finish which creates various patterns from oxidation. The wood has its own unique beauty from the grain patterns and knots of each particular piece. The wood compliments the steel and the steel compliments the wood. No two pieces are the same.

As the design for each of the pieces of furniture in the Bent Steel collection came to life in our fabrication shop, the versatility of the furniture also became apparent. 

The beautiful and timeless simplicity of each piece opens up room for your creativity. 


Bent steel side table + bookshelf. Display books, magazines or collectibles in your family room, position beside your favorite reading chair, or enjoy as bedside tables. Great for tidy, organized, and timeless spaces. 

What’s my favorite piece in this collection?

Loaded question, because I wouldn’t really pick a favorite myself. I like furniture that can have multiple uses, and I think all of these pieces do just that. But…  

I admit that I’m really loving the new console tables. I think they could easily double as display shelves or entryway tables. With so much of our time shifting into the home during the pandemic, I find it’s important to enjoy furniture like this that’s getting a lot of use! 

My daughter has one in her room with a mirror above that she uses for her jewelry and last minute prepping before she throws on a mask and walks out the door.

Tall Console with Shelf. Perfect for an entryway, behind a couch, or even in your dressing room. (48” long x 10” wide x 32” tall, 10.5” to bottom shelf, 14.25” from bottom shelf to beam) 

How can these pieces change our experience of home? 

I find that people often look at each piece of furniture as either a statement piece or or a piece they use. But I believe that having “look only” furniture in your home is a missed opportunity.

When you engage with every part of your home, including furniture that is more functional, you appreciate what’s there and feel fully supported and nourished by it. This simple change goes beyond a place with “things” to a space that is deeply soothing and full of respite, joy, and connection.

This is my heartfelt mission when I design furniture, and I can’t wait for you to feel these effects in your own home. As you grow or downsize, each piece can take on a new role in your home.


Featured Pieces from The Bent Steel Collection 

I hope you love The Bent Steel Collection as much as I do and that it inspires you to get creative with simplicity in your space. The right pieces can keep your space feeling light, airy, comfortable and cozy all at once. But above all, I hope these pieces help you connect — with yourself, with family, and with the timelessness of each piece's raw materials.

If you need something custom, you have only to ask. Our workshop loves to create unique, commissioned pieces. Please contact us here to inquire.

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