A Fresh Start in Spring

Outside the trees are turning, the birds are lively, and a fresh breeze is blowing. Changing seasons are upon us, and I plan to welcome the Spring Equinox (March 20th) with a revitalized home! The cold Winter months are always isolating, and I know so many of us are eager to feel a little more connected to the world.

An act as simple as opening the doors and letting the sunshine in brings a feeling of peace that has been missing. This connection between home and the outdoors feels so important right now. I want to lean into it as much as I can, and Spring Cleaning seems like a good start.

Outdoor Square Bent Steel Side Tables

Why Spring Cleaning?

When you think of Spring Cleaning you may think of a long list of oddball chores. Such a daunting list makes it easy to forget the benefits of a good clean. Cleaning reduces stress, supports your immune system, improves mood, and even ensures better sleep! What’s not to love? 

Start with the tasks you like least and work your way into the easy chores. By the time you get to them, you'll be so in the zone that they fly by quickly! If you have trouble staying motivated, try setting timers for keeping busy and taking breaks. Throw open a window, put on your favorite sunny day playlist, and get started!

Woven Grey basket and willaby organic cotton napkins in moon, clay, shadow, and root.

Don't Be Afraid to Declutter

Inevitably during a good round of cleaning, you will stumble across an item or two that makes you say “Why do I even have this?” or “We never use this.” Even before the days of Marie Kondo’s joy-sparking, clutter-reducing sweep of the nation I was always prone to get rid of the unnecessary or unused...A trait that goes hand in hand with my love for simple design and simple living. 

Loving your space and the things in it, both functional and purely decorative brings a sense of relaxation. If you are wondering why you’ve held onto something or can’t remember the last time you used it...say goodbye! From hard to recycle electronics to unworn clothes, someone would love to have what you’re ready to be rid of. 

Refreshing a Room

Nothing is quite as refreshing as clean linens. Switch out blankets and pillows to breathe new life into a room. Opt for something that’s lighter weight with colors that invoke Spring’s vitality. I love the Aloka quilts especially, as they have a good weight to them without being bulky, are easy to share, and make the perfect throw for picnics. Sara Parker pillows are also a great addition, indoors or out, for a Springy touch. 


Aloka home repurposed sari quilts

Cleansing Body + Mind

A vital part of a clean home is the way it smells. Some of my favorite ways to encourage this are with dried lavender, eucalyptus in the shower, and candles. Try a little aromatherapy after your day of cleaning with an essential oil bath soak or a good exfoliation with citrus-y pumice soap. It’s just as important to make sure that you feel fresh and clean too.

Cleaning isn’t always the most fun way to spend a day, but the way it feels when the floors are scrubbed and the kitchen is sparkling is so worth it. Greet the new season with intentionality and rejuvenation. When you finally sit back and relax it will help you carry forward a light-heartedness that you might not have had otherwise.

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