How Does Your Environment Really Impact Your Life?

How much does our environment impact the way we feel each day? The way we live?

Answer: A TON.

After all, a table isn’t just a table...

  • it’s the start and end to your day

  • it’s the gathering place where family and friends unite

  • it’s a connection between you, our natural world, and the craftsman’s gentle hands

  • it can even represent the values you most want to attract into your life

When it comes to choosing the items that make up your space, there’s so much more than meets the eye. And it all starts with the way they’re made...

Custom furniture fabrication for Atlanta restaurants

1. Designed for Daily Tranquility

Visualize the last spa, meditation room, or yoga class you experienced. What was the decor like? Can you see natural woods, simple furnishings, and maybe even some fresh greenery? 

This is typically the case for any rest-inspiring retreat. Simple, organic designs naturally make us feel more calm, restored, and at peace.

You’ll notice that we use “steel” and “plank” (wood) exclusively in our designs, and the forms are always simple, clean, and full of the essence of the material itself. Why? Because you deserve to invite this same tranquility into your own home. Every day.

Steel + Plank white oak mill plank bench

2. Respect for the Environment + For Yourself

When you care about the environment, you also care for yourself. Having an ethical space that is thoughtful of our planet gives you good vibes and spreads respect all around.

That’s why we use only sustainably harvested hardwoods and reclaimed hardwoods. Some of our favorite previously loved “planks” come from the beams and rafters of old buildings (mills, barns) and even the flooring of bowling alleys!

Who doesn’t want a happy planet and a happy conscience?

Steel + Plank fabrication team

3. Expressing Individuality + Character

Another way to respect nature is to pay homage to its unique beauty… which is why each piece of wood we use is hand-selected for its own special knot or grain. 

Then, we purposefully assemble our furniture in a way that shows off these characteristics and accentuates the natural beauty of the wood. (We also use a matte or satin finish and never hide natural beauty with stains!)

So when you enjoy our furniture, you’re experiencing the inherent splendor and character of the materials themselves.

Custom tables for Grain in Atlanta by Steel + Plank
(photo: Paige French)
Steel + Plank fabrication shop

4. Fostering Acceptance in Strange Places

Speaking of unique character, can I let you in on a secret? You know that reclaimed wood I was talking about before? Well, sometimes we leave some of the old paint around the edges of the wood(!).

This remnant of the wood’s former life has its own personal quality and reminds us that this piece was once somewhere else and has a history. Inviting this old story into the new makes it even more beautiful — just as it does in all of us. 

How incredible is that?

Reclaimed wood table top with paint custom fabrication by Steel + Plank


Reclaimed wood bar top with paint remnants Atlanta restaurant(photo: Paige French)

5. Joining A Community That Cares

As I mentioned before, a table is never just a table — it’s a connection, representation, and invitation of so much more. 

  • The designers who want to inspire your best life
  • The makers who pour their own sweat and love into making each piece special
  • Others like you, who use our pieces to inspire tranquility and good vibes in their homes

That’s pretty powerful.

Steel + Plank custom furniture fabrication team

Steel + Plank furniture install

Tranquility, respect, expression, community — I bet you’ll never look a table or chair the same way again. ;) 

But in all seriousness, your environment plays a HUGE role in how you feel and live your life. Whatever you want from life, you can create a space that will help take you exactly where you want to go.

So, my best advice? Do a little soul searching first, decide exactly what you want to invite into your life, and then find the pieces that express it best. You’ll be so grateful you did.

Lastly, if you’d like to hear about our monthly community events or get first dibs on our creations, be sure to sign up for our newsletter below!


To you + your best life,


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