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Early summer is a wonderful time to connect with the outdoors. The greenery is lush and vibrant and the scorchingly hot days of July and August haven't quite arrived, so make sure you take advantage. Whether you're cooking, entertaining, or simply relaxing: the possibilities for outdoor fun in your own space are endless. 

Our appreciation for nature, sustainability, and environmental elements inspire STEEL + PLANK designs. We love blurring the lines between outdoor and indoor spaces because we want to encourage this type of living. In tandem with our architecture firm STUDIO.BNA, we're able to bring thoughtful, functional outdoor living spaces to life.


The talented fabrication team Very Dark Gray, who creates all the beautiful furnishings for STEEL + PLANK, prefabricated this stand-alone cabin at Habersham Mills and then finished it on site in North Georgia. The structure contains a kitchenette, bathroom, screened porch, and a full wall of sliding glass doors so you can always be connected to the outdoors.

However, it doesn't need to take a weekend retreat in order to fully appreciate the restorative qualities of outdoor living! It can be as simple as a family dinner gathered around our outdoor table. Grilling kebabs is the perfect outdoor summer dinner... we can smell them now.

Or perhaps you'd rather sip a cocktail on the porch in one of our outdoor rockers while someone else cooks the meal. Bring a book outside with you, let the sounds and smells of the outdoors enhance your literary experience as you're cozied up in our rocker.

     Outdoor Rocker Steel + Plank   Outdoor Rocker Steel + Plank

Sometimes all you need to encourage you to get outdoors is a fun project. Our outdoor planters work for fruit and veggie gardening, decorative landscaping, and even as coolers. Do you have another creative idea for our planters? We'd love to hear what you plan to use them for.

We also like to bring the outdoors inside with unique vases and planters, art inspired by nature and of course, natural woods and fibers. We are huge fans of anything that reminds us to get outside and enjoy Mother Nature. 

Nothing relaxes the mind and body quite like a breath of fresh air. Allow yourself to take a step outside and enjoy the benefits of outdoor living this summer... before it gets too hot!

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