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My friends, I am thrilled to welcome you to STEEL + PLANK’s new digital home...this beautiful new website! We started our website redesign last year, and the fact that it didn’t get derailed in the shuffle of 2020 is no small blessing. 

I believe that all spaces have power over how we feel, connect and live — from our physical spaces, to our mental spaces, and yes, even to our digital spaces.

Like all of our designs, much time, thought, and research went into creating the experience around our website, one that would feel relaxing and inspiring. A place to connect with real people, feel the timelessness of nature, and be part of a story that is bigger than ourselves. 

In that spirit, let me take you on a quick virtual tour...

Inside the “Rooms” of Our New Digital Home

1. Furniture and Lifestyle

To make your search for the perfect piece even easier, we have divided our offerings into two sides: 

You’ll also find simplicity to be a pervading theme on every page and in every design. We believe that simplicity invites stillness, mindfulness, and even creativity, and it is our hope that this is a theme you’ll take home with you when purchasing a piece!

2. Community Gatherings (in-person or digital)

If you have followed us for a while, you will know that we love our local community, from Athens to Atlanta, to our loyal followers online. Before COVID-19, we would host monthly gatherings around a theme, such as practicing mindfulness, crafting cocktails for Father’s Day, or creating flower arrangements for Mother’s Day. We loved inviting everyone who could make it.

This is why we’ve dedicated an entire section of our site to Gatherings. While it still isn’t quite safe for us to host in-person events (though we will again someday!), I invite you to keep an eye on our Gatherings section for other exciting opportunities.

This month, we’re featuring an online pop-up store for maker, Aloka. You can browse their gorgeous selection of one-of-a-kind quilts and blankets (made from recycled saris) and come by the store to see them yourself!

3. Collections by Maker

steel and plank makers artisans pottery hand crafted minimal sustainable

Speaking of makers, we now have a section of our website dedicated to celebrating the collections of each maker’s work. We believe that life is about connection: connecting with oneself, with friends and family and strangers, and with the earth that nourishes us and receives nourishment from us in return. 

When you take home a piece that was hand-crafted with love and respect, you can tangibly feel it. Knowing the story behind the piece and the people who made it adds another dimension to this connection.

When you find a piece you love, you can click on the maker’s name to be taken to a full spread of that maker’s pieces. You could even take it one step further and go to the maker’s own website — where more treasures are sure to await you.

This is just one way we hope that our new website will inspire connection and help you find the perfect piece, one that is rich in history, beautiful in your space, and filled with special meaning.

4. To the Trade

to the trade bespoke custom furniture design minimal modern contemporary steel wood

Here’s another surprise that most people don’t know about us… we also design pieces to the trade! This means that if you are an architect or interior designer (or you know one), we can design bespoke pieces for your project, no matter how big or small.

5. Stories of Relaxed + Joyful Living

steel and plank design for relaxed joyful living spaces community connection

We are still assembling this part of the site, but it’s an endeavor well worth the extra time. In our Journal and throughout the site, we will be telling more stories — not just about our pieces or our makers — about you. About the people who are using design to mindfully change their environments and change how they live. 

These stories will offer inspiration to live by and plenty of actionable advice for doing the same in your own home. Whether or not you are already living the relaxed, joyful lifestyle you want to be, I think you will find these stories both touching and encouraging. 

(If you have a story to share about how you are using an S+P piece, we would love to hear it below!)

That is it for now, but I hope you will stay tuned and, in the meantime, take some mindful moments to enjoy this beautiful summer.

— Kelley

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