The Visual & Emotional Impact of Art in Your Home

Last month, I talked about the deep impact our environments have on our daily lives. Now, let’s move on to how you can intentionally create your ideal environment, and by extension, your most peaceful, fulfilling life. 

One of the most powerful elements you can use to do this is art.

How can art change the way you feel in a space?

Although every element of your space visually interacts with every other element in the space, it’s safe to say that art can be one of the most powerful voices in the room.

Art can add…

  • Masculine or feminine energy
  • Movement… is it flowing? Is it wild? Is it still?
  • Burst of color(s) in the space
  • Emotional energy… be it calming, energizing, inspiring, reflective, etc.
  • Connection to something bigger than ourselves
  • Interest, wonder, and a sense of uniqueness

What is considered art?

Art isn’t just something you hang on the wall. It can be anything. For example…


One-of-a-kind handwoven rugs


Handcrafted pottery and dyed linens


Beautifully accentuated wood grain or joinery that makes you say ahhhh...


Handwoven pillows, textiles, and more

That’s the beauty of it. Art is whatever you say it is. Art is whatever moves you.

How can you find the best art for your home?

Although art is a feeling, you can still get a general idea for what your space is craving before you go looking for it. Does your space need movement? Does it aspire to be more colorful? Does it crave a splash of joy?

If you have a specific location in mind for a piece of art, it could also be helpful to know what size you’ll need. 

THAT’S IT — that’s as far as your logical brain should take you. 

Your awareness will expand to search for these qualities, but the rest is left to instinct. After all, art is all about how it makes your soul feel. 

So now you can browse around, don’t think, and just listen to how a piece of art makes you feel

This could take some time, so be unrushed and at peace with the process. If you’re in our store, we’ll pour you a cup of tea and invite you stick around all day. ;)


How can art have the biggest impact in your space?

When adding art to your space, the surrounding elements will play a big role in how you perceive the art. 

Tip 1: Keep your furnishings simple

Simple, neutral furnishings will allow the art to shine in the space. For example, here are two scenes where the same simple, handcrafted sofa accentuates two different works of art...


In both cases, the simple wood and cushions illuminate the colors in the paintings and feature the art as the main event.

Tip 2: Play up the tones you like most


Here’s another example of the same piece of art in two different spaces. When positioned above the slate grey cushions (left), the darker hues of the art stand out. When positioned above the white linens on the right, the art feels lighter and more airy. 

The best part? You get to choose!

Tip 3: Ground the art or give it space


Another way to play with art in your space is to ground it or give it room. For example, on the left, the white backdrop of the art blends with the wall, giving the colors more freedom of movement and openness.

By contrast, the scene on the right uses dark furniture to ground the dark tones of the painting. It feels more fixed and stable. Again, the choice is yours! 

Speaking of, we have an art gathering coming up in September and you’re invited!

Art Gathering at STEEL + PLANK

Date: September 13th

Featured Artist: Emily Man of ink+indigo

Emily is most known for her installation in Google’s Mountain View, CA headquarters, plus many other commissioned pieces for corporations. She will be creating and curating a show of her work just for our shop. We can’t wait to see what she brings!

So there you have it — insight, tips, plenty of creative freedom, and inspiration to come. Isn’t art fascinating?

If you’re feeling unsure about which furniture is best for your space, please ask us. This is truly our life’s passion, and we couldn’t be happier to help you design your happiest life too. 

See you next month,


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