Tips for Conscientious Holidays & Gift Giving

Our Best Tips for Conscientious Holidays & Gift Giving

This morning, in the aftermath of Thanksgiving with December right around the corner, I found myself pondering the same big question I ask every year: How can we enjoy the holidays and give gifts while remaining environmentally conscious?

Each year, it feels more and more important to ask this question. And thankfully, each year more and more people are answering it. We’ve seen an increase in environmental awareness and in sustainable options — and that can only be a good thing! 

Have you noticed this, too? 

I think we’re also lucky that being mindful of sustainability doesn’t have to be overbearing. (No one wants to be a killjoy, after all.) There are plenty of ways to be responsible and enjoy a merry and conscientious holiday season.  

Prioritize what really matters
We find balance when we focus on what really matters most: our family and friends, the ability to gather in our homes together, taking much-needed breaks, and being able to practice self-care and home-care.

When we prioritize time with others, savor thoughtful moments, and prioritize experiences (versus things) that truly nourish us, you don’t have to sacrifice cheer. It’s easy to find a respectful and joyful balance. Wouldn’t you agree?


Feel good about the gifts you give
When we see flash sales and cheap “stocking stuffers,” it’s easy to get caught up in buying items that are essentially “throwaway” gifts. You know the ones... they offer joy in the moment of unwrapping but lack emotional meaning.

That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t buy gifts for our loved ones if we want to. Just make sure you feel good about the gifts you give and the wares you use. It’s as simple as that. 

Buy local or handmade if you can
To me, a conscientious gift is one that I know someone will use and enjoy regularly. I love knowing that when someone uses a ceramic mug I gifted them that it feels better to them than a mass-produced one…

It’s heavier in their hands. It feels gratifying. It has presence and evidence of another human’s hands crafting it with care. That’s what I want to be able to give to my loved ones. 


Choose quality over quantity
It’s also true that a lot of people are trying to own fewer belongings these days, or only have items of quality. It creates a sense of lightness and freedom (if you’ve seen our designs, you know we’re big supporters of that!) 

That’s why a conscientious gift can be as simple as a single item of high quality. I would rather give one beautifully made scarf they’ll love for years over a whole bag full of things someone doesn’t need. Wouldn’t you?

Select gifts that are beautiful and useful
In addition to quality, some of my favorite conscientious gifts are those that are beautiful and useful. For the at-home chefs in my life, sustainable kitchen wares and cookbooks are my well-loved go-tos. For others, local pottery, art, and textiles make great gifts, especially if I know the person’s style and can find something that feels extra personal to them.


Buy sustainable, timeless gifts
And of course, the obvious but not always easy one — buying sustainable gifts. These are items that either have an expiration and will be used up, can be easily recycled, or items that can be repurposed. A great example of repurposed is our candles whose steel bowls can be turned into succulent pots! Clever.

You might also want to steer clear of trendy items. Not only are trending items less likely to be sustainably produced, they’re also more likely to lose their enjoyment quickly. Whereas timeless and personal  gifts are more likely to be loved, used, and enjoyed for a longer period of time.


I hope these tips inspire you to be thoughtful with your gift giving. I truly believe that a conscientious holiday can be far more enjoyable than the alternative. 

After all, when you’re prioritizing thoughtfulness, people, and connection, well… you can’t go wrong. :)

Wishing you and yours a happy holiday season,


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