Benjamin Galland

A native of St. Simons Island, Georgia, Benjamin Galland grew up photographing the pristine and unparalleled beauty of the Golden Isles. After graduating from Berry College with a degree in visual arts, Galland moved back home to the Isles and co-founded h2o creative group, an advertising and marketing firm in Brunswick, Georgia. As the agency’s in-house photographer, Galland has spent the past 15 years honing his skills in a variety of techniques and genres. At h2o, his work focuses on photography for commercial and marketing use, ensuring that the client's message and brand is captured in visually stunning ways. Outside of h2o, Galland enjoys pursuing his photography for artistic purposes, with particular attention to the beauty and landscape of the southeast coast. 

Galland has three books published by the University of Georgia Press: Island Time: An Illustrated History of St. Simons Island, GA (2013), Island Passages: An Illustrated History of Jekyll Island, GA (2016) and Sapelo: People and Place on a Georgia Sea Island (2017) . He is currently working on a book about Cumberland Island and another focusing on tabby throughout the coastal South. Galland is an avid outdoorsman and enjoys kayaking, fly-fishing, biking and exploring. He loves spending time with his wife, Kelly; son, Anson; daughter, Rebekah; and their numerous pets.

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