The idea of a work / life balance is a sometimes foreign concept for an individual that owns their own business. For Corrie of Korai Goods, one of the prime motivations for starting her own ceramics business was to have sovereignty over her time. This entails making 1,000 micro decisions every day,  inching her closer to both her personal and professional goals. Whether that be factoring in rest, which is essential, or deciding to work late into the night to get an order out.

For Corrie, the balance comes in identifying one’s own set of priorities, and trying her best to take steps in that direction… easier said than done, for sure. Corrie's goal today, versus 7 years ago, is to remember that she's human. That she makes mistakes and needs time to recuperate. That she needs to talk to family and friends. That she needs to see the ocean at least once a year. And that building a family is right up there with building a business.

Korai Goods current work is functional pottery and she wants you to love your piece. She wants you to find use for it in your everyday. And she LOVES seeing pictures of it in your space, and knowing her pottery sparks joy. She cares about everything that goes into her pottery, and Korai Goods as a whole. From the materials, to the design, to the functionality, to the customer service, absorbing the constructive criticism, and making positive change for the greater good. All of it.

Corrie is proud of how she's been able to cobble together a working studio in her home and consistently grow Korai Goods over the last 7 years. The journey to this point has not been easy by any means, but it's been the most rewarding challenge she's ever taken on.

She's grateful to everyone that's had the patience and endurance to walk along beside her.

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