Furniture designed for connection at home. Responsible and sustainable practices. A finished piece that is as full of character and unique as you are. 

An order this tall requires strong attention to the little details.

Here's how we deliver...

1. Design


STEEL + PLANK's designs come from the creative mind and architectural background of our founder, Kelley Bishop. She designs each piece to highlight the natural beauty of the Earth's raw materials and to bring people closer.

The resulting easy-going nature of our designs creates a home that feels relaxing, effortless, and full of connection.

Once you select the design(s) you love, our talented makers are ready to handcraft it just for you.

2. Raw Materials


Once we receive your order, we hand-select each piece of wood and steel for the details that give it a special something — and will make your furniture timelessly unique.

In fact, much of our wood is reclaimed, sourced from old mills and bursting with character that only time and use can create. 

We also use more than 85% of recycled steel. After all, if our furniture designs pay homage to our planet, our process should too.

3. Construction


When we say handcrafted, we really mean it. Our makers pour their time, talent, and care into each piece from material placement to construction to the final finish.

And, trust us, you'll notice the difference.

When every piece of wood or steel is placed by hand, their most beautiful characteristics shine through, and it becomes more than a piece of furniture. It transcends time, connecting the Earth, the maker, and all those who will gather around it in the future.

4. Connection


Once your furniture has been delivered, you're ready to introduce it to your home. 

The minimalist nature of our designs will help your piece blend seamlessly into your existing home. But if you ask us, we're partial to placement near a window, where sunlight will really highlight the material's natural beauty!

Now you're ready to invite over family and friends, steep your favorite tea, get comforable, and connect.