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7am Energy Boost

7am Energy Boost

Tasting Notes:

Wake up and feel empowered with this high energy blend of loose leaf yerba mate, EGCG antioxidant-rich matcha green tea, and kola nut. 7 AM Energy Boost was formulated to help stimulate the body and fire up your internal engine naturally. Our yerba mate comes from Brazil in its freshest green form, neither aged nor roasted. The kola nut belongs to the cocoa family, and is native to forested tropical regions where it’s used to boost energy, reduce hunger sensations, and help support digestive system function. 7 AM Energy Boost is the perfect morning jump start to support a healthy metabolism.


  • 3-oz = 30-Day Supply of high energy tea
  • No sweeteners, preservatives, or coloring
  • Gluten-free & Sugar-free
  • Caffeine: High


Ingredients: yerba mate, matcha green tea, kola nut

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