gobi bracelet necklace abacus row steel+plank
Abacus Row Gobi Bracelet Necklace Steel+Plank
Gobi Bracelet Necklace

Abacus Row

Gobi Bracelet Necklace

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24k gold-plated Japanese glass beads make this piece striking while the minimalistic design creates a refined and unassuming look. This design, which can be worn as both a necklace and a fitted wrap bracelet, makes it versatile and easy to wear. The sliding round bead allows for adjustable length and sizing. As a bracelet, this piece wraps up to 5 times. Layers and stacks perfectly as both a necklace and a bracelet with other pieces. Each piece is uniquely and subtly adorned with little gold-filled rounds.

  • Length - 32-36"
  • Materials - 24K gold plated Japanese glass seed beads, 14K gold filled rounds, silk cord


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