Creekside Farms Wreaths
Creekside Farms Wreaths

Creekside Farms

Creekside Farms Wreaths

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Creekside Farms is a family owned and operated business specializing in artisan wreaths and garlands. Their herbs and flowers are grown on their 20 acres of land in the aptly named Greenfield, California,  where  every step of the wreath-making process is handled with love and care.  All of the plants are grown without harmful pesticides, then harvested by hand and air dried on wire racks.  Drawing inspiration from surrounding flora, Creekside Farms creates beautifully unusual wreaths that add a spark of joy to your home during the Holiday season.

Each wreath is handmade the day it is ordered for maximum freshness. Fresh greenery will start its drying process once shipped. Some elements may curl or fade slightly as they dry overtime, but the overall appearance of your wreath will remain the same. Once dried these wreaths are intended to last 6 months to a year!


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