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Shave Kit Bundle
Shave Kit Bundle
Shave Kit Bundle

Normal Soap Company

Shave Kit Bundle

Regular price $60

We're thrilled to carry Normal Soap Company Shave Kits, and our In.Sek Concrete Cups are the perfect companion to this soap and brush set. If you get this bundle you get both the Shave Kit, Concrete Angle Cup, and we'll throw in a Harry's razor for free! Harry's razors have 5 German blades, precision trimmer, a flex hinge, and a comfortable rubber grip handle. They're really the best. 
- handmade shave soap poured and cured in the tin with twist top (perfect for travel!)
- badger bristle brush & instructions
- one concrete vessel
- one Harry's razor set in navy blue with 2 5-blade cartridges


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