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Short Stack Edition Mini Cookbooks

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We can't get enough of these bite sized cookbooks! Easy to use, beautiful, inspiring, and durable we can't imagine the kitchen without them! Short Stack is a series of small-format cookbooks authored by America’s top culinary talents. Each edition is a collectible, single-subject booklet packed with recipes that offer ingenious new ways to cook our favorite ingredients.

Like the best cookbooks, Short Stack Editions consist of original recipes created and rigorously tested by a single author with the home cook in mind. They are beautiful objects meant to be collected, gifted, and most importantly, cooked from. And, like the best food magazines, Short Stack Editions are concise, affordable and built for function.

Each book focuses on a single ingredient and is written by a single author. Every volume includes around 20-25 recipes, and no two are alike. In any given edition you will find a spectrum of recipes from sweet to savory, breakfast to dinner. Collect them all, gift them away, spread the joy!

Printed in America on high-quality paper.


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